Automated engineering reports generated in minutes.

For Vibration Isolation Selection, Seismic Restraint and Wind Restraint Calculations

No more waiting for project reports
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Reports and Products Supported

  • Hard mounted (non-isolated) equipment
  • Rigid and Isolated Curbs
  • Base-Mounted Spring Isolation
  • Supplemental Steel Frames
  • Post-installed Concrete
  • Ceiling Suspended Equipment
  • Mechanical and Adhesive Anchors
  • Custom Inertia Bases
  • Weld, Bolt, and Friction Attachment
  • Rigid and Isolated Rooftop Curbs and Rails
  • Pre-Loaded Inertia Base Solutions
  • Multi-Cell Frames
Why the E-Generator was developed:

We live in a time when the combination of engineering and technology advancements are unsurpassed. Yet, engineering reports take weeks to prepare. VMC Group had a vision for generating engineering reports within minutes as opposed to weeks. With a team of 20 programmers working full time for the last 18 months, our vision has become reality! The E-Generator is our automated engineering calculator that provides detailed reports on demand, and almost immediately.

E-Generator is a cloud-based tool that allows users to enter basic project information. Once entered, the E-Generator makes vibration isolation selections, and calculates seismic, wind, and anchorage selections in accordance with IBC®, ASCE7, AISC and ACI® calculations. A PDF report containing order and installation information is then created with a complete engineering calculation package – including a PE stamp if necessary.

E-Generator includes a one-click request option for PE-stamping by state and sends you an email when the report has been approved or rejected within 24 hours. Once you have been sent the selections and stamp, you can then order VMC Group products that are recommended within the report.

Our experience, precision, and passion made the creation of E-Generator possible! Our position at the top of our Industry demands harnessing our imagination as to where we are going next, and this is what is NEXT.

We are in this with you: The Power of Together β€” Introducing E-Generator, our automated engineering calculator!

John Wilson

β€œIn 2008, I proclaimed we would have a tool that performed engineering calculations in 24 hours. This has always been my dream for VMC Group. Through the trials and tribulations of the last decade, we have never lost sight of my promise to our customers. Combining engineering and technology at its best, the E-Generator is our automated engineering calculator, providing detailed engineering reports in just minutes. I believe that this multimillion-dollar investment will change the Vibration Isolation and Seismic/Wind landscape for decades to come.”

John Wilson Chairman & CEO